Welcome to the fam

Building products to make our beloved sport even more enjoyable. Ibis has a loyal following of repeat customers and we think that speaks volumes about the ride quality and customer service. Ibis's goal is to build bikes people love riding and will last them as long as they need too. We're excited and proud to bring Ibis's artful innovation to our home trails.

Think Ibis and you'll probably be thrown into a dreamland about the buttery smooth curves and crisp clean lines. Lightweight machines that blend technical handling skills with impeccable speed and effortlessness. The perfectionists at Ibis truly do know better than anyone how to craft the perfect mountain bike. After all they did invent the sport.  

To learn more about what makes an Ibis exceptional, drop in store and view the attention to detail in the flesh. Or better yet, enquire about taking one of our demo bikes out for a spin.


145mm rear - 160mm fork - 29" wheel - BIG WHEEL, BIG TRAVEL, SPEED DEMON



The love child of a Ripley and the Mojo HD4, the all-new Ripmo is a big wheeled slasher that’s always down for another lap, whether that means a big climb or on the back of the ute.


With 145mm of efficient dw-link rear wheel travel paired to a 160mm fork - the RIPMO is spry and lively, while still being planted and stable. Yeah you heard that right, everything you've ever dreamed of. 

It's the bike IBIS have been wanting to make for a while now and seeing as it's the bike their EWS team are using to defend their World Championship crown, IBIS pulled out all the stops on this one. Representing the new breed of high performance, the reach is nearly an inch longer than the EWS team winning HD4, with clearance for a 175mm dropper, and a pedal-friendly 76° seat tube angle. The end result is a bike that’s ready to rally, while still maintaining lively handling.

Ticking off the boxes, other features include 2.6” tire clearance, short chainstays, a threaded BB, trick internal cable routing and the ability to run both a piggyback reservoir shock and large water bottle. Happy days!


700c / 27.5" wheels - 142mm Thru Axle - Disc Compatible


The Hakka MX is the Ibis answer to the Swiss Army Knife.

It’s the bike they'd choose if heaven forbid, they could only have one bike. The Hakka MX is a gravel bike. It’s also a cross bike and a road bike. It'll still shred trails and you guessed it, it's a bike packing machine.  


With its ultra versatile geometry and 1000g frame weight, the Hakka MX is just as happy crushing the local club ride as is it is jumping barriers or camping out. It's good to have options. With the Hakka MX, you can run road, cross and gravel friendly 700c wheels, or if you are into burlier backcountry missions, go with 27.5/650b. With the Hakka MX, you don’t have to pick one tire option or the other. The subtle sculpted chainstays give the frame clearance for up to 700 x 40c or 27.5 x 2.1” tires. 

Because there's nothing that grinds our gears more... or should I say grinds our BB's more than a nasty creak. Ibis have fitted this out with the ever reliable threaded BB. They've tried every BB under the sun and nothing compares to the lightweight, quiet and durable threaded BB. Then because this is your bike, and you want to freedom to run your favourite drivetrain, 1x or 2x the Hakka MX has you covered. Plus if you're a flash bugger there's even a slick Di2 battery mount inside the downtube. I know, I know, it's one hell of a well thought out bike. 


150mm Rear - 160mm Front - 27.5" wheels 


Championship winning enduro bike.
It may be slack, but it's not a slacker.


The HD4’s reputation was defined by winning the overall team title in the Enduro World Series. Built for speed, it excels on steep terrain. While slaying the rowdiest descents may be expected of a world class enduro bike, sprinting back to the top is not. Thanks to the dw-link suspension design, cries of “That thing flies uphill” are common among the slack jawed first time riders.

As bikes have become faster and more capable, the notions we held of what was ‘normal’ frame geometry have been blown out of the water and new trends have emerged. Folks seeking greater stability through longer front ends and shorter stems were buying a size up from what we expected. With the HD4 Ibis have done that for you by increasing the reach by the equivalent of one size, but without the penalty of an overly long head tube or seat tube. The longer reach combined with a slacker head angle stretched out the wheelbase, delivers confidence inspiring stability in the roughest and steepest terrain. Lean, mean, speed machine.


120mm Rear - 130mm Fork - 29" - Ultra fast efficiency


The ultimate jack of all trades, with an all new frame with increased stiffness and clearance for the new generation of 29" tires. Featuring the proven dual eccentric dw-link suspension, the Ripley LS promises to keep the tires in touch with the ground so your power is applied efficiently.

It's no secret this bike climbs like a rocket, wants to get sideways over rollers, manual the straightaways, pump every bump, and nose bonk stumps. It's perfectly balanced in all the right ways. With great geometry all around, it rolls over everything and carries speed effortlessly. Nothing short of a dream ride. 


130mm Rear - 140mm Fork - 27.5" - Go anywhere, do anything


Right at home on any trail, fast climbing and descending. With the dw-link suspension and a super stiff chassis, the Mojo performs way beyond its travel class.

The Mojo 3 with dw-link suspension performs beautifully through the mid stroke, remaining smooth and predictable through the entire range of travel all while remaining absurdly efficient.  The extra mid stroke support allows a low bottom bracket height for excellent handling without pedal strikes and with the capability to run 27.5+ tyres, the Mojo 3 is ready to play.