With some of the worlds premier trails in our backyard, we're stoked to have the best bikes in the business to ride them on. We know there's a lot of innovation happening in the industry at the moment and it can be a little overwhelming. So cruise in store to tell us about your current riding and where you see yourself riding in the future. We'll make sure you get onto the bike of your dreams. 



Born in a barn over a couple of beers. Trek was never just a name, it was a summation of values. A culture of craftsmanship and the fundamental commitment to making bikes better. We're proud to ride and recommend Trek as the bike to help you go further, faster and amplify the thrill of mountain biking.  

Our in-store fleet of Trek demonstrator bikes covers a comprehensive size range of the Fuel Ex, Remedy and Powerfly models as well as select sizes of Slash models. The best way to learn about which Trek can help you get the most out of your riding is to drop in store and have a chat to the team. We'll give you all the info you need and the opportunity to get out and experience the bikes on your favourite trails. 

Powerfly FS7 In Action

Powerfly FS7 In Action

Fuel Ex9.8 Sitting Pretty

Fuel Ex9.8 Sitting Pretty




Building products to make our beloved sport even more enjoyable. Ibis has a loyal following of repeat customers and we think that speaks volumes about the ride quality and customer service. Ibis's goal is to build bikes people love riding and will last them as long as they need too. We're excited and proud to bring Ibis's artful innovation to our home trails. 

Think Ibis and you'll probably be thrown into a dreamland about the buttery smooth curves and crisp clean lines. Lightweight machines that blend technical handling skills with impeccable speed and effortlessness. The perfectionists at Ibis truly do know better than anyone how to craft the perfect mountain bike. After all they did invent the sport.  

To learn more about what makes an Ibis exceptional, drop in store and view the attention to detail in the flesh. Or better yet, enquire about taking one of our demo bikes out for a spin.



Funded by the sale of a 1928 Indian motorcycle and using a company name snaked from a sleeping bag brand, Yeti Cycles were as underground as they come when they began selling mountain bikes in 1985. But its founder John Parker always dreamed big, and Yeti's influence quickly outgrew its humble beginnings. The brand gained a diehard following thanks to a combination of a legendary race team and forward-thinking design. Fast-forward roughly three decades—while much has changed, Yeti's crew is still obsessively focused on building bikes they want to ride. 




Passionate riders based out of the mountain town of Fort Collins, Colorado. Niner's impeccable designs and exquisite ride quality is testament to their dedication and unrivalled precisionist culture. Being part of the Niner community doesn't start at the cash register and finish when you walk out the shop door, it's a family of riders who live for off-road adventure. 

Off the trail, you can count on Niner for great customer service. Once you've found the bike of your dreams, Niner back it with an iron clad warranty and a wealth of information to make sure your Niner experience is nothing short of exceptional. When you're ready to ride the creme de la creme, come on in and chat to one of the team about your aspirations. We'd be stoked to welcome you into the Niner family.